Staging collaborator - 2017

Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi

Staging collaborator

Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi

Half tragedy, half romantic horror fairy tale, Rigoletto is the fusion of reality and fantasy and thus the ideal material for the internationally sought-after director Philippe Arlaud.

The unique size of the main stage in the St. Margarethen quarry (7 000 m²) makes it possible to tell Verdi's story of Rigoletto in new and previously unknown dimensions. Different worlds collide, intertwine and drift apart in Philippe Arlaud's staging of Verdi's masterpiece. The unscrupulous upper-class of the court is faced with the underworld of Sparafucile, the murderer. Between those two worlds, a delicate drama unfolds between Rigoletto and his daughter Gilda. They are crushed by the opposition between upper and underworld and ultimately meet their tragic destiny. The rugged rocky landscape of the St. Margarethen quarry is the ideal place to create a unique opera panorama of superlatives from images, music and emotions.

Oper im Steinbruch, 2017


Festival Oper im Steinbruch
St. Margarethen, Austria


Philippe Arlaud


Anja Bihlmaier / Daniel Hoyem-Cavazza

Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi

La maledizione!

Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi


Vladislav Sulimsky: Rigoletto

Davide Damiani: Rigoletto

Elena Sancho Pereg: Gilda

Tatiana Larina: Gilda

Yosep Kang: The Duc

Arthur Espiritu: The Duc

Jesus Leon: The Duc

Annely Peebo: Maddalena & Giovanna

Jordanka Milkova: Maddalena & Giovanna

Clemens Unterreiner : Monterone

Jacek Strauch: Monterone

Luke Stoker: Sparafucile

Sorin Coliban: Sparafucile

Simon Duus: Count Ceprano

Karl Huml: Count Ceprano

David Jagodic: Borsa

Vienna Philharmonia Chorus

Anja Bihlmaier: Conductor

Daniel Hoyem-Cavazza: Conductor

Philippe Arlaud: Staging / Set Design / Lighting

Andrea Uhmann: Costumes

Emilie Rault: Staging collaborator

Walter Zeh: Chorus conductor

Production: Festival Oper im Steinbruch

Photos by Armin Bardel