Assistant director - 2018

Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Assistant director

Will-O’-the-Wisp voice

Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Faust is a play that enfolds between Heaven and Earth, between the possible and the impossible...”

It is with these words of Goethe that Valentine Losseau and Raphaël Navarro present their latest production. Along with Clément Debailleul, they are the initiators of the “new magic” artistic movement and have accepted to take on the challenge of combining the literary beauty of Faust and the depth of its ideas. They chose to do so with the enchantment of a visual theatre that reconnects with the burlesque dimension, which is present in both the original text and Gérard de Nerval's translation. The strong links between the Faustian myth, esotericism and magic – white and black – offer them the opportunity to implement, far beyond mere visual effects, fifteen years of research in technical processes and spectacular images.

Faust became part of the Repertoire in 1999 but has not been staged since. With this new production, the Comédie-Française has opened its doors to the world of magic. The members of the Comédie-Français Company are learning a new trade but also a stage practice and an unusual form of concentration. Apparitions, disappearances, levitations, holograms, transformations... the perception of reality is blurred. After the wager that God and Mephistopheles make in heaven, Faust welcomes us into his study and invites us to follow his avid search for absolute knowledge in his initiatory voyage.


Comédie Française
Paris, France


Valentine Losseau
Raphaël Navarro

Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Et qu’as-tu à donner, pauvre diable ?

Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Loïc Corbery: Siebel

Laurent Natrella: Faust; magic and puppet manipulation

Véronique Vella: Frosch, A Villager, Servibilis, Marthe; magic manipulation

Benjamin Lavernhe: The Theater Director, Valentin; magic manipulation

Elliot Jenicot: God, The Old Peasant, The Student, The Witch, A Passer-By; magic and puppet manipulation

Christian Hecq: Mephistopheles; magic and puppet manipulation

Yoann Gasiorowski: Vagner, Tavern Companion, A Villager; magic and puppet manipulation

Anna Cervinka: Marguerite; magic and puppet manipulation

Marco Bataille-Testu: Siebel, A Villager; magic manipulation

Thierry Desvignes: Tavern Companion, A Villager; magic and puppet manipulation

Émilie Rault: Will-O’-the-Wisp voice

Valentine Losseau: Adaptation / Magic and staging

Raphaël Navarro: Adaptation / Magic and staging

Gérard de Nerval: Translation

Éric Ruf: Set Design

Vincent Wüthrich: Set Design

Siegrid Petit-Imbert: Costumes

Elsa Revol: Lighting

Claudio Cavallari: Video

Franck Lacourt: Video

Dominique Bataille: Sound

Johanna Ehlert: Puppets

Samuel Lepetit: Puppets

Philippe Beau: Shadows

Émilie Rault: Assistant director

Zoé Pautet: Assistant set designer

Vincent Wüthrich: Technical director of magic effects

Marco Bataille-Testu: Magic effects coordination

Carole Allemand: Masks

Espace et Cie: Set construction

Acknowledgements: Arthur Chavaudret, Clément Debailleul, Yann Frisch, Olivier Poujol, the CNAC, Amadeus and Charlie the dog

A 14:20 Co-Production

Photos by Vincent Pontet